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CLIENT: VersaFlex® Incorporated
MARKET: Industrial / Manufacturing


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Branding: VersaFlex Incorporated

In 2011, VersaFlex, a leading manufacturer of polyurea protective coatings, initially hired us to modernize their web presence, which had been slowly sliding away from the ‘cutting edge’ 2005 design trends upon which it was based.

As we began working with them, it became clear that they needed much more than just a re-fresh of their flash-based website — they needed updated versions of all their sales collateral, trade show materials, technical documents, product logos, and and and…well, you get the drift. They, like many companies, focused on what they did best, and had kind of let all the rest get the ‘good enough for now’ approval.

However, we were able to completely re-invigorate their entire brand in a more modern, eye-catching way with a new cohesive approach to all parts of their business. In fact, our work helped propel them to #1 placements of all search results for the vast majority of key terms for their industry. Eventually the company was sold to investors who claimed they were drawn by the work PNR did to make VersaFlex into a market leader.

Obviously none of this could have happened without truly great products and services, but then there are many companies who fit that bill. The difference? PNR Collective.

PNR Collective is based in Tulsa, OK USA. We are focused on exceeding expectations with every project we undertake. Rapid turnaround times, high quality designs, and intuitive communication are keys to our success.


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