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CLIENT: Adhesive Systems Technology Corp.
MARKET: Industrial / Manufacturing


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E-Commerce: AST Corp

AST Corporation had an outdated website with a difficult to use e-commerce system in place. They had attempted to use a web development company local to them, but less than stellar results after a long time made them seek us out., and were ready for a change.

We helped them visualize their new site, giving them access to the development site as it was in progress. This way, they could confirm design choices, suggest slight tweaks, and get buy in from the rest of the organization during the design process.

Additionally, we helped them set up their e-commerce system, and provided hours of user training both before and after launch.

UItimately, they were very appreciative of our methods, and thanked us for letting them in on the design process, as they felt it made understanding the site much easier when they were able to interact with it in real time.

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